Irregular Choice Cinderella Shoes Review (Photos and Video)


Hi readers! I have returned from the crypt that is my life to give you a review of something new and ridiculously cute. I’m making a point that I’m gonna bring this blog back to life this holiday season, and here is the start of it.

A few weeks ago, Irregular Choice (the famous shoe company, known for their ridiculous designs and whimsical outlook) released an entire collection dedicated to one of the first of Disney royalty, Cinderella. Of course, I was over the moon with the news, and especially so after the entire collection was presented to the internet.

So what did I buy? Well, I found the shoes that perfectly explained, well, me – in shoe form. Let me introduce you to the Believe in Magic flats!


These beauties stole my heart in ways I could never imagine, and are truly the most incredible shoes I’ve ever put into my own grasp – it’s almost a bit hard to breath as I write this even. Shocked and overwhelmed don’t even begin to describe the magic.

I bought these in a size 10, and as suggested by the store I purchased them from, they definitely run on the bigger side. It isn’t the kind of big where it’ll become uncomfortable, but I’d recommend maybe inserts or fluffier socks for a perfect fit. But with the quality and handcrafted perfection of these beauties, that little downside is not even a blip on the downward scale.


The best aspect of this purchase are the details – tiny birds with quotes next to them, the crispy colorful imagery – this is truly everything you could ever ask for in a Cinderella inspired shoe. Sure, I probably can’t wear these out too many crazy places, due to the fear of ruining any little bit of them. Yet I have faith that they’ll stay in tack (if taken care of properly) for a long time, and those details will likely not fade. Sorry, midnight – you aren’t ruining my ball!

Overall, I adore these shoes. But trust me, I have even more to say about them. Want to hear about it? Click on my (sorry) lengthy video below for more babbles of how in love I am with these shoes.

So that’s it for now! Next time, expect another Cindy themed product review. And trust me, I won’t be Lazy about it (hur hur) if you know what I mean.


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