Old Man Crush List – 2017 Edition


Back a few years ago on my older blog, I wrote a silly list that gave way to something I talk about quite often – “My Old Man Crush List”. What is such a list, you might ask? Well it is exactly what it sounds – if you have a crush on a silver fox of the big screen or any sort of celeb, he is part of your “Old Man Crush List”. Trust me, there can be ones for ladies as well, but for me I tend to think the gentlemen one is a bit more fun to make. So without further ado, here is an update to my original top 10 breakdown of hotties of a certain age. Have things changed? Let’s take a look!

How does one become a member of said list? 

On my original post, I established the rules for joining the “Old Man Crush” club – a very distinguished group that pride themselves in handsomeness, regardless of what it says on their passport. Sure, some of them might get cheap meals at iHop, but that’s not something to shrug – that’s dapper as hell!

Now of course, joining this club adheres to a few simple guidelines:

– Said crush must be at least 15 years older than the person inducting them into said club (or writing said list.) Ex: All crushes on my list must be past 42 years old.

– All crushes must have at least 5 important reasons why they are your crush, aside from their general hotness.

– All crushes must have one key scene/moment/thing they did that was your moment in which they became your crush.

Otherwise, GO and have fun making your list! I did, obviously. So let’s begin with number 10…


10) Keith David

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– He was the voice of nostalgic crush Goliath from Disney’s Gargoyles. 

– He is the only thing that gets me through those constant NAVY ads on TV.

– No matter how old he gets, he still kicks ass, like he did in 2016’s The Nice Guys opposite Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.

– He also sings like a damn pro, like he did in The Princess and the Frog as Dr. Facilier.

– At 60 years old, he dresses like the master of dapper.

Crush Solidification Moment:

Sure, Keith might not be exactly the Hollywood handsome-type, but his voice and incredible acting skills give him an edge that stands above his competition. He also has the nostalgia factor, and is a wearer of many hats – both in the kind of roles he has played and the other talents his posses. Also, once you hear him sing Nat King Cole covers, the deal of crushability is sealed.


9) Josh Brolin

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– Goonies Never Say Die!

He cosplays with his wife on Instagram as Jack Skellington.

– Even when he’s giving his all (acting wise), he still looks good. Ex: Oldboy

– He’ll let Stephen Colbert draw chest hair onto himself on live TV.

– His laugh is beyond adorable.

– Has eyes and arms seem prime for the cuddles ~ <3

Crush Solidification Moment:

It is hard to ignore the efforts of a man that is willing to impersonate Kim Kardashian with a tissue box, which this clip proves. Though Josh has had his up’s and down’s as a big famous actor, he certainly is trying to get himself back to the top. And now with his role in the upcoming Deadpool 2 as Cable, Josh has got a lot more opportunities to get his stardom and likability with the public in a good spot. He seems like he has worked on becoming a really decent respectable guy, which is the version I find myself crushing on BIG TIME. 


8) Ken Watanabe

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– His turn in the King and I on Broadway was incredible

– His smile would make even a puppy cry.

The commercials he made for DoCoMo are incredible.

He recorded a super 90’s pop song.

– He’s BFFs with Godzilla 

Crush Solidification Moment:

Back in 2004, I was super excited to see the film adaptation of one of my favorite books, Memoirs of a Geisha. Though the movie was quite flawed (especially when looking at it many years later) one of the things they got right was the casting of Ken as The Chairman. From that point on, my admiration for Watanabe has been constant, and when I got to see him play The King on Broadway in The King and I, the crush intensified. But no matter how many kaiju battles he cheers on or other roles he takes, he’ll always be The Chairman to me.


7) Doug Jones

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– His role as Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus is probably one of the major factors for my attraction to tall skinny dudes.

– He has been known to give the best hugs.

– He’s always willing to sing randomly.

– He is the special ingredient to any Guillermo Del Toro movie.

– He looks great in homemade Punk Rock clothes. 

Crush Solidification Moment:

Though there’s quite a few generic heartthrob types on this list, Doug Jones is on here simply because he’s one of a kind. There aren’t too many guys that are willing to dance with prosthetic feet in their hands, take on roles that range from a lady ghost to a fish man, and also give incredible documented hugs – but Doug is the guy and continues to be that no matter what his age is. He also seems like a guy that deserves to play more romantic type parts, and in the upcoming The Shape of Water he seems he’ll get that chance!


6) Davey Havok

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– Dem pipes thou are so pretty, especially when he was singing on Broadway.

– Being a stand-up example of Straight Edge culture and lifestyle.

– Stunning wardrobe.

– Perpetually looks 25.

– Currently singing with No Doubt band members.

Crush Solidification Moment:

At the age of 13, I was exposed to a band I would come to adore and a singer I would love even more. The video you see above is the first I ever witnessed of AFI, and Davey’s enchanting harsh vocals got me right in the feels. Sure, I was trying to stick with mostly actors on this list, but Davey has done a bit of everything, so I felt he could join the ranks. And since he only recently gained membership into my Old Man Crush club, I felt his induction deserved a place on this list. You go Davey, and never stop being fabulous!


5) Ralph Fiennes

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

The English Patient, enough said.

Not afraid of being silly and candid. 

– Is just as funny as his is meaningful.

– He got the prettiest eyes.

– He dances Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan like a pro.

Crush Solidification Moment:

On TV and during various movie going adventures, I would see the work of Ralph Fiennes and think “This guy seems super cool.” But it wasn’t until the late 90’s (98, 99) that I became a true Fiennes fangirl for life. Part of that came from his vocal performance in The Prince of Egypt, and once I heard all the heart and soul he put into Rameses, the crush contract was sealed. It wasn’t until I finally saw him in a live action movie that was more age appropriate (Maid in Manhattan) that the visual aspects of said crush took hold. Sure, many of you will know him as Voldemort, but Ralph is much more than that to this lady and always will be.


4) Idris Elba

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– That voice.

– That laugh.

– He piloted a mecha and looked good in a suit while doing it.

– No one has ever made nose bleeds look cooler.

This music video.

Crush Solidification Moment:

Around 2009, a little movie called Obsession came out. I didn’t catch it in theaters, but later during its home release. A lot of my friends (who knew of my silly addiction to B-Movies with catfights) suggested I give it a shot, and within that I discovered the beauty and majesty that is Mr. Idris Elba. This man is sculpted from perfection and is perfection. He knows it, I know it, and if you don’t you should. No one pulls off that kind of combo of elegance, silliness, and confidence like Idris. Clearly, no matter how old, he’s a treasure.


3) Michael Sheen

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– He has played a werewolf, a vampire, and a DJ inside a computer in a very short span of time.

– His role as William Masters on Masters of Sex continues to impress some 5 seasons later.

– He once was a professional Jack Nicholson impersonator.

– He makes jokes about being confused for Martin Sheen like a true pro.

– Not only has he charmed the socks off of real life loves Kate Beckinsale and Rachel McAdams, but is currently dating/making Sarah Silverman laugh.

Crush Solidification Moment:

I discovered the treasure that is Michael Sheen pretty late in the game. Though I had seen a majority of the Underworld movies, and loved his role in Tron: Legacy, I didn’t have the Sheen bug bite me quite yet. But then I saw Masters of Sex and boy, oh boy, was the love there. And when I realized he was the hottie I liked (and simultaneously hated) in Midnight in Paris, the crush got pretty intense. Not only is Sheen really charismatic, he’s ridiculously funny, and has an adorable singing voice to match. Though a bit shorter and sometimes looking more like a whimsical fairy than the other men on this list, Michael is quite the crush to have, and I’m so proud to now officially include him in my club.

Now as for our last two, they’re at a tie for me that was hard to put one over the other. 


2) Vincent Cassel

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– That French accent is more beautiful than a Laudree macaron.

– Looks like he’s an incredible kisser.

– He talks about feminism in interviews, and it is hella attractive.

– Played my favorite fairy tale character of all time.

From the number of perfume ads he’s done, I’m guessing he smells like perfection.

Crush Solidification Moment:

I was introduced to Mr. Cassel when I saw the movie Black Swan. In it, he plays a seductive dance teacher that many in the company have the hots for, including the innocent Nina (played by Natalie Portman). And ever since I saw the scene above, my infatuation with this dude grew with every year. The Crush Gods sealed the deal by having him play The Beast in the 2014 French version of La Belle et La Bete, and from then and there, I’ve been a Cassel fan! He’s also one of the few dudes that truly gets better looking the older he gets, and even makes crazy beards look damn cool. Whether voicing Robin Hood in Shrek or taking on Danny Ocean in the Oceans movies, Vincent will always be a crush I’ll adore, no matter what role or age.


1) Ron Perlman

Reasons Why He Is Crush:

– Played Vincent in Beauty and the Beast. Took my childhood crush position.

– Then played Hellboy and further increased the love affair.

He sings Sinatra without a care in the world.

His dog is the cutest.

– Guillermo Del Toro says his voice is the sexiest, and it is true.

Crush Solidification Moment:

Now, as I mentioned, I was digging on Ron way before Hellboy was even a thing in my noggin’s area. But when this scene happened in the first movie of the franchise, my heart sunk to a level of mush that I don’t think I had ever felt. Sure, a lot of you will know Ron for playing Clay on Sons of Anarchy, which probably makes you more intimidated by him than any other sort of reaction. But to me, Ron always comes across as a lovable giant – a big softy with a heart of gold, whom though he speaks his mind sometimes too much, means well. And as someone that got to meet him (and have him call me beautiful *insert blush here*) I can tell you he’s a pretty great guy, no joke.


And yes, that is from when I met him at a book signing back in 2014. Was it one of the greatest moments in my life? And was I embarrassed and shaking? You bet cha! But it was worth it through and through to meet one of my heroes, and obviously ultimate long time crushes.

So now I leave the question to you, friends – Who are your Old Man Celebrity Crushes? Comment below with your choices or make your own posts and share them. Don’t feel embarrassed, be proud and flaunt them crushes! Also, would you like to see a Mature Ladies Crush List? Let me know too!

Until then, Stay Magical! 

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