Dia&Co – Subscription Box Review


On my journey towards accepting all of my curves, I have decided to experiment and take a leap into the world of plus size-friendly subscription boxes. And though there are quite a few that exist throughout the interwebs, there were two I was the most interested in and wanted to give a try. The first of the two is Dia&Co which is described as the following:

Dia&Co is a female-founded company exclusively dedicated to serving women who wear sizes 14 and up. We believe that style has the power to spark radical self-love, and we’re committed to ensuring that women of all sizes have equal access to beautiful clothes. We offer a new type of shopping experience: Our stylists take the time to get to know you, then send you hand-selected clothing and accessories that match your unique style, body and budget.”


So, what does that really mean? Well, the whole deal works like this: You pay $20 for a “styling fee”, which you can sort of think as a down payment for anything you actually end up buying from the box (which I’ll explain more about later.) At the same time, you also create a profiler so that the stylist knows what you dig, hate, and should avoid at all costs to put in your box – along with what you would like the costs of your items to be (ranging from “as low as they can go” to over $200 bucks a piece.)

You finish off your prepping process by giving other hints to the stylish (including pinning other consumer’s photos of their box items), press the completed button, and in a few days the box is on your doorstep.

So, after all of that, what actually ended up in my box? Let’s take a look!


First, I think it is important to share the things you see before looking truly into your box. Dia&Co has a wonderful way of packaging – especially since the color theme featured a lot of lavender (and you know your girl is loving that Purple Rain style 24/7.) They also included a note, which basically details the items and how to style them. There is also a note about how much each of the items cost.

Now, it is best to know that for my price range on the items, I choose that I would like them to be the lowest they could go. So when I saw that some of these items were almost $100, I damn near fainted. Sure, you do get a discount of either $20 off each item, or 25% off the entire collection of garments, but the pricing really did factor into a lot of my choices.


First, I want to show you all this scarf. Yes, I love a good floral and some rainbows…. but this piece (priced at $28) was nowhere close to my style. The colors weren’t right, the flowers weren’t my favorite, and those butterflies are too Aja O’Hara meets hippie love child for my personal taste. Overall, though I know someone would love it, that someone ain’t me – and that’s why I didn’t even think about trying it on. BYE, GIRL.


As for the first item I tried on, that would be these Cuffed Capri pants from Denim Six. Now, truth be told, the fit on these was mostly pretty good, and the material was an almost soft stretchy velvet pretending to be denim. The issue though? It gave me that semi-camel toe kind of look that I hid wonderfully with my Target mint colored tee. And yes, I could have shown you this, but who really wants to see that? I certainly don’t, and for that, these $85 dollar pants were going back in the return bag.


Next up, here is a pair of Molly & Isadora deconstructed capri jeans. Priced at $59, these have a good tight fit on my legs and make my hips look hella delicious. My only issue is the price – the material just doesn’t justify the total cost of the item. I also have a super similar pair of jeans from Target that are way comfier and give me the same effect, but were half the price. Off to the return bag it went!

DiaDressThen there is this dress, which though (much like the scarf) it “looks cute” in theory, it is very much not my style. The cut of the top is beautiful and flattering, and the material (a jersey of sorts) feels nice for summer, but my main issue is the color scheme and the length. I love a good red dress, but red and black hasn’t been my thing since high school and this piece reads a bit too Lilo & Stitch for my usual vibe. The length is also hella short for my liking, and for that (plus the $89 price tag) it had to return to the land of Dia.

You might at this point but wondering “Uh, wow – this box seems like a total fail fest.” And I would have generally agreed with you…. until I saw the one and only piece that made me legitimately gasp.


Like a shinning light from fashion heaven, this skirt was a sign that though my stylist didn’t get all of my fashion sense right this time, she did try, because this skirt was all my romantic Beauty and the Beast vibes in the form of chiffon perfection.

The fit is hella comfy, with an elastic band in the back. The colors are luscious, and can work for so many times of the year/seasons, and make me feel like I am in the most comfy fairy tale setting. My only tiny complaint is that the skirt is a tiny bit shorter than I would like. I’ll make it work (especially since I always rock either Jockey Skimmies or tights on a daily basis) and that aspect won’t ruin this otherwise beautiful item for me.

And yes, to answer your next question, I did buy it. The retail cost of the skirt was $42, but with the $20 styling fee deducted, this $22 skirt was #worthit !!


But, was the box overall? Honestly, I’m not sure. $20 for an entire set of clothes to only discover that one item “fit” my style was unfortunate. Sure, the people at Dia&Co picked items that worked incredibly well for my body shape and flattered the best parts of me, but does it make sense to spend ultimately $42 dollars just to get one skirt out of it? Some would say yes, some would say no.

Yet, even with that bit of frustration, I really like the concept and idea of the service – so much so, that I just ordered another box. There’s something to be said about a company that strives in giving an under served demographic something to celebrate, and even if it didn’t work for me completely the first go around, I’m willing to support them for their concept. Will they get my vibe better? Will they find the right stylist for me? We shall see, and I’ll definitely report back when I discover the answer!

Are you interested in giving Dia&Co a try? Click this link here , and let’s gush about what we got and braid eachother’s hair as we watch 13 Going on 30 together – seriously, I’ve been rewatching that movie way too much.






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