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If you are a plus size cutie, there is a likelihood that you’ve heard of the company Gwynnie Bee. Known throughout the internet as a clothing “rental” subscription service, GB has a lot to offer, both in terms of pricing and the quality of the garments they provide.

This month, I’m giving their plus size selection a test run, since that is a big part of their selling point/marketing. And since I’m a girl who loves to try on a dress or two before purchasing (#badonlineshoppingexperiences) this seemed like the service for me. So what did I snag in my GB boxes thus far? Let’s take a look!



For the first month of the service, Gwynnie Bee is free of charge. But when the next month strikes, the cost per month depends on which subscription package you choose. They start from $39 for one garment to rent, up to $199 for 10 garments to rent out to you for a time. Personally, I felt 5 garments was a good beginning for yours truly, but the trial starts you off with the two garment plan ($75) and be can changed easily. Now, yes, that is a high price tag if you ask me – but is it worth it? After you see the results, you can be the judge!

How the whole system works is that once you join, you get to “closet” items into your profile. This is essentially GB’s version of window shopping, which gives the company ideas of the garments you want to rent from them. You can also prioritize which garments you want to try on the most, and they will usually send one (or more!) in your box. They also send the boxes rather quickly (once you’ve returned or purchased one or more of your items) and you don’t have to wait for a new one month to month.

If you do end up liking a garment, you can buy it for a SUPER discounted rate – but make sure to check multiple times throughout the day/week, as the price fluctuates (and is typically at its lowest by the end of the day.) If you’re done trying/renting the item, GB provides a return package/slip, so you can easily throw the garment in, lock the bag, and out it goes on its post office adventure!

Now, enough of the silly info, let’s get to the fun part – the garments!


The first dress I tested out is a beautiful piece from the brand Tolani. This garment has a cool pastel hippie vibe, which normally isn’t my thing, but the colors grabbed me at my soul. The cut also reminded me a lot of the dresses my friend Victoria of Parfait Doll rocks from the Japanese brand, Lisa Liza – so obviously, I wanted to give this pretty a spin.

Unfortunately, as much as the fabric was beautiful and the overall feel of the dress was perfection, the length and the cost made me put this one in the return slip. I felt like the world was seeing my underwear the whole dang day I wore it, and between pulling down on the elastic waist band every two seconds, and hoping the wind wouldn’t give me a Marilyn moment, it was a bit of a nightmarish experience. So back to the return bag it went!


The second piece was one of my priority marked ones – this stunning navy dress from EloquiiBetween the incredible sleeves and the fit and flare design, I was all about this stunner from the get go. And once I put it onto my body, it gave me all of the Goblet of Fire Beauxbatons fantasies I desired. Seriously, I felt like running down the hallways of a more bright colored friendly prep school, daydreaming of what pastry I was going to snag before my next class.

The only downfall of this piece is that it is hard to photograph in any sort of darkness – and since it was WAY too hot to photograph outside, I provided the stock photo by comparison. Aside from this though, the fit was perfection, the fabric breathable, and IT HAS POCKETS, YO. So this one became a keeper, especially since it was being sold for half off!

Then my second box arrived. This time I was (*shock*) smart enough to photograph the pieces rather than using the stock photos. And if I thought the items in the first shipment from GB was cute, my fashion loving brain had no idea what was in store for me with the second box.


When I had “closeted” (or saved) this Eva Rose dress, I didn’t think much of it. Yes, in the stock photos it looked cute, but would it flatter me as much as other fit and flare piece have in the past? Especially considering I’m a busty girl, and usually pop a button on these kind of dresses in two seconds? Well fortunately, this dress was better than I could have imagined – in fact, it might be one of the best things I have ever worn in my life.

Made of a stiff and sturdy cotton, with a very vintage inspired print of eyes and lips, this dress just screams everything I have ever wanted and more in a garment. It flatters my shape, doesn’t gap in the bust line, and the buttons don’t feel like they’ll fall off on a first wear. Truly, this is one of those movie dresses – the kind that the character puts on and feels like they can concur the world in. And with it being more than half off, it will do just that for me when I need it most!


Finally, there is this ModCloth skirt. The fabric is a fun and well constructed chiffon with similarly made belt. The fit around my waist is comfy, but I gotta admit, it is a bit too loose and does that thing with skirts where it makes you look like you have a beer belly no matter how tight a belt you put on it. It also isn’t my favorite shade of mint, which makes it hard to match with a lot of my wardrobe. So back to the GB it goes!

So, what do I think of Gwynnie Bee’s services overall? Honestly, I’m in love – but it is important to know this isn’t for everyone. Some of you (much like with Dia & Co) will be disappointed with the pricing of what is offered. Sure, things will be at a discounted rate after they arrive, but between that and the high rental cost, you have to really be a dedicated fashionista to like the entire business model of this company.

But, for those of you who would rather try things on at home and not have the annoying commitment of ordering things online and having to return them, I feel like Gwynnie Bee is then by default a life saver – one that I’ll be using for the foreseeable future.

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