Favorites Ala Mode: David Harbour


A year or so ago, I wrote a piece on my 2017 Old Man Crushes. But since then, a new favorite actor/crush/cinnamon roll has developed in my heart, and has made me rearrange my crush list all over the dang place. His name is David Harbour, and he’s too precious for all my fangirl words.

Starring in the hit TV series, Stranger Things, David Harbor has been in the acting world for a long time, but sadly fell into that category of character actors that no one noticed. He also starred on Broadway next to Al Pacino, and even was nominated for a Tony for Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf? back in 2005. Clearly the dude is talented. 

But why do I love David Harbour? Well, aside from being ridiculously handsome and charming, David comes off more real than a lot of modern, Instagram-era celebrities. At age 43, the dude is open to everyone he meets about his weight, his past, his flaws, his mistakes – he wears his genuine aura out for all to see. But in that honesty also comes a large chunk of humor and gratitude – a slice of humble pie you don’t see from many actors these days.


When you couple that together with how much he loves his fans (so much so he posed for a high school picture with one of them), it is sort of hard not to fall for him. But what really sealed the deal for this fangirl was somehow his strange connection with another celebrity crush of mine – Ron Perlman. These two dudes (though one is considered more conventionally handsome than the other) have a lot in common, and sort of parallel that tough guy, blue collar attitude that has been crafted of their public image.

And when David got cast as Hellboy in the new reboot of the film series, that clearly was a sign that somehow my crush was truly meant to be.

I always love seeing a talented person that had to work through their own struggles, make it to the top eventually down the road. Similarly, it is also awesome to see that individual not take themselves too seriously, and allow the world to see them in some sort of authentic light. That’s why Mr. Harbour is a class act to me, and always will be – even if his acceptance speeches can be pretty intense.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go walk to streets of Manhattan, and answer the usual daily question – “Who the heck is on your phone case?!” My answer: “One of the coolest dudes alive.”




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