Enjoying Your Surroundings – Even Near Work!


A few nights ago, I got the opportunity to have my stylish buddy Victoria (Parfait Doll) snap some photos of me near my work area – specifically the super cool decorated walls near the recently built Occulus/FiDi mall.

Confession – though I love my day job (#Iworkinrealitytv), the area my office is in is so utterly boring. Sure, there’s cool architecture and the Seaport….. but not much else, especially when it comes to things to take pictures near.

Also – another confession, I’m not model by any means. I’m good behind a camera, but in front of it I’m pretty much a mess. Victoria though is a genius at fixing that issue, and helped make me look as glamorous as possible – which is a huge achievement, since lord knows I’ve never been no glamazon.


In case you have no clue, I’m a little obsessed with this Eva Rose dress I snagged via Gwynnie Bee. The print is adorable, and reminds me so much of 60’s era Barbie dolls. It is simple, professional, and fun – and goes really well with my white/red Converse sneakers. This wall complimented the outfit for sure, but another wall across the street just took my breath away.


Yes, I probably look derpy and like a deformed turtle to some – but to me, I look hella precious, and that’s the only critic I really care about. This wall just brought out all the feelings I have for this dress, and inspires me to keep up my own personal confidence.

What are you doing to make the place you work come across less boring? Are you doing anything to improve your self confidence?

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