List: My “Not So Girly” Interests

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So once in a while, I like to give a bit of a hilarious dive into what makes me – well – me. And sometimes the best way to do that is with a list. So here we go folks – this week, let’s take a look at some interests of mine that could, perhaps, surprise you.

Usually covered head to toe in pastels, most people tend to get this “image” of me as a total girly girl. Sure, I love feminine imagery of classic Barbies, Disney Princesses, and Audrey Hepburn walking into Tiffany’s – but let’s be real here: There’s a lot more to me than that, my friend.


But what else could there be beneath a plus size, pastel wearing freak of nature? Well, here’s a list of some interest that may surprise you, and hopefully this can inspire others out there (who think the world knows them through the magic of social media) to showcase more of their “out of the box” interests.


Theme Park Design/Animatronics

From the moment I first entered the gates of the Magic Kingdom, I was fascinated by the work that went into building and designing theme parks. I love the ability that these artists (including Disney Imagineers) have to take ideas and concepts on paper, and bring the most fantastical things to life – especially animatronic figures. I spend way too much time watching ride through and new testing videos to see what the latest updates in theme park technology are – since I really do believe it is the greatest modern storytelling method there is.

If you wanted to know my favorite ride in all the theme park world, it is the Disneyland version of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Between the queue design that perfectly sets the mood, to the immersive set design, I’ve never been on a ride that has made me to invested in the story/concept like this – and no matter how many times I go to Disneyland, this always has to be my first ride of the trip.


Highlander (and other 80’s cheese fest flicks)

As much as I love Disney and classic films, there is a part of me that is a bit embarrassed to admit this…. well kind of: I have a really big soft spot for cheesy, ultra “bro” tastic action/Sci-Fi/Fantasy films of the 80’s – with my favorite being the cult loved, 1986 Highlander.

If you’ve never seen the flick, it tells a pretty complicated story of immortals that battle it out to essentially be the only immortal left. There’s Scottish culture, Sean Connery pretending to be Egyptian/Spanish, lots of hilariously bad sex scenes, and one of my forever crushes, Clancy Brown, dressed in tons of leather as a punk rock immortal baddie. Oh, and the soundtrack is by Queen – what more could you want?


Masculine Comic Book/Pulp Fiction Heroes

As a kid of the 90’s (who watched way too much X-Men and Batman: The Animated Series), comic books were in my life big time. But what I ended up loving more were a few specific characters – ones who embodied a fairy tale or swashbuckling adventure aesthetic – both in typical comics, and ones inspired by pulp fiction stories by authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Which characters do I speak of? Well, my favorites of all time include: Black Panther, Hellboy, Swamp Thing, The Rocketeer, Spawn and John Carter of Mars. All of these studs have interesting backstories – filled with either tragedy, elements of history, along with even some Shakespearean roots. Though buff and full of power, they all offer something different to the table, and have a vulnerability that I admire and continue to want to see develop with each new story (or adaptation) they receive.

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If I was going to blame my mother for anything that has (in the best way possible) changed my life, it would be her introduction to my future obsession with dinosaurs.

How did this occur? Well, when she popped in a series of tapes called Dinosaurs: Fun, Fact and Fantasy (which was hosted by a hilariously dumb alligator puppet), my mind was glued to this strange British educational film. There were so many fun songs (and emotional ones too, about being a too tall dinosaur, and the extinction of them)  and even a hilarious name song that always made me giggle.

Couple this together with the Jurassic Park craze, and We’re Back, I was obsessed with this giant, magnificent creatures no matter what they are featured in. They were greater and cooler than us humans, and that’s a fact.


Monsters/Giant Robot Shows

Similar in size to dinosaurs, I’ve also had an eternal fascination with giant monsters and robots, specifically the Japanese live action TV show kind. Thanks to Power Rangers, Samurai Cyber Squad (Gridman) and Godzilla, I was hooked on the cheesy humble nature of these handmade titans of strength and destruction.

Because of this love affair, I now am watching too many behind the scenes videos of these silly shows, and know all the words (in Japanese) to a majority of their theme songs. I may even dream of piloting a pink mecha suit, or being friends with a giant monster.

So those are my “Not So Girly” interests! What are yours? Comment or share some so we can discuss the wackiest of things you love. 



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