Movies-Ala-Mode: “Hellboy” (2019) Releases New Poster


Amidst all the pastels, bright colors, and nostalgic imagery, a big part of my heart belongs to comic books and monsters – which is the reason why a certain hellish hero has been one of my favorite (right next to Marvel’s Black Panther) comic book characters of all time. And thanks to the help of some awesome casting (my bae, David Harbour) and this kick ass poster, Hellboy is climbing towards the top of my list of the movies I’m the most excited to see in 2019 (for obviously, slightly biased reasons.)


So what can we tell from this poster? Well obviously it is smokin’! But with all jokes aside, this is a stunning teaser poster. If you look really closely at the flames, they have a hand drawn quality to them, which almost makes it seem that Hellboy is coming to life from the flames of Mike Mignola (the creator of the Hellboy comics.) The deep ridges and sketches give the poster an organic quality, and stands out from the typical Marvel and DC glossy advertisements that we see so often for superhero movies nowadays.

All of these details, along with HB’s glowing orange eyes, really prove how much the marketing team at Lionsgate really want to prove that this is a different Hellboy than we’ve ever seen before. He’s got more of Mignola’s touches, plus a bit of modern flare and pizzazz – plus, he’s got Harbour’s signature dad bob (plus some muscle) and you don’t hear me (nor Grace Randolph) complaining one bit.

So when is the trailer for this thing coming out? Supposedly this weekend, since the team at Lionsgate will be holding a panel for the movie at this year’s New York Comic ConAm I sad I’m missing it? Pretty much, but hopefully it gets some sort of coverage or streaming – a girl can seriously dream, especially since this is the only panel happening the entire time at this year’s NYCC I’m incredibly invested in.

Are you excited for the Hellboy movie? What are your thoughts? Are you planning to see it? And do you think I’m crazy getting this excited already? Comment below! 

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