TheCURVYCon 2018 Recap: Day One – Fashion Shows, Pride and Style, Oh My!

So its been a month since the much hyped about event known as TheCURVYCon. For months I had been dreaming about this convention since the moment I hit the “purchase” button on the EventBrite page. But now with weeks having passed, and giving myself some breathing room, I think its about time to speak on the great (and not-so-great) parts of an event I believe has so much going for it, and can’t wait to see how it continues to grow.

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Taking place at Center 415 in Midtown, Manhattan (NYC), the buzz around theCURVYCon could be felt all the way to my Financial District office. Since I had purchased a Glitter ticket (and missed snagging the much talked about Platinum ticket), I couldn’t attend the Macy’s pre-party happening on Thursday. But with all of the cool Instagram posts, I could tell there way a lot of fabulousness to be had.

Then Friday rolled around. I decided to skip the workout session in the morning, since I wasn’t feeling too great and didn’t get a ton of sleep. I also wanted to get sometime with my pal Victoria (Parfait Doll) – since I don’t get to stay in the city that often. So the earlier part of the day involved going to brunch at Palette (located inside of Bergdorf Goodman) and some window shopping at Kate Spade. But once that was all over, I finally entered theCURVYCon for the first time – and to say the energy was electric was an understatement.

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Right from the get go, I notice there were tons upon tons of booths – all featuring beautiful clothing items to either try on (for an online purchase) or to take home immediately. From small indie brands, to big retailers like Old Navy, JCPenny, and Macy’s, everyone seemed to be filled with pride for what they were bringing to the plus size community. Some of the coolest pieces came from companies that hadn’t even launched online, specifically Maree Pour Toi, a brand new luxury plus size brand that seriously made me want to throw all my money at them.

But the coolest (shopping related) highlight that happened to me on the show floor? I won a ModCloth $100 gift card! I seriously didn’t expect in it the slightest, and I can’t wait to see what fashion magic it leads me into.

Yet what was even more amazing than the products right at your finger tips were the people to meet – and within the span of an hour, I felt like I came away with a whole new group of friends. From the lovely girls at Astra Signature (including Crystal aka Sometimes Glam), to the adorable sales associates at the LOFT booth, the event felt so welcoming, warm, and inclusive (as it should be.)

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.56.21 PM

Once the shopping insanity had died down for a bit, I decided to head back to the hotel and change for the next event – the LOFT Fashion Show! Earlier in the week I had attended the LOFT plus size launch event at their Flat Iron location, so the hype I had to see their new Fall collection was intense. Luckily, I’m also incredibly blessed to have amazing friends, one of which got me a front row seat with her at the show (seriously, Alyse, you’re the best!)

In case you didn’t see the show, here’s my video of it – with the actual music that wasn’t used in the live stream version:


If you couldn’t tell from the cheers and applause, the electricity on the runway was insane at this show. So many beautiful, stunning individuals rocking their pride on their sleeves. The whole event just proved how much LOFT is really hitting a home run with their efforts in the plus size world. It might not be perfect when it comes to the construction (I’ve heard mixed reactions to the fit of these garments) but certainly LOFT is putting in a lot of effort when it comes to the quality of the prints/fabrics and the versatility in what they offer.

The same thing can be said for what followed the LOFT show, which was the Dia & Co/CDFA showcase. At this presentation, the two companies announced a partnership project, one that would be pushing to educate fashion design students how to properly design plus size garments. Hearing guest panelist Lizzo speak on this initative became a particularly moving moment, and made me feel so much pride for what was being spoken about in front of my eyes. Really make sure to check out the livestream of the event to get all the details and see the cool shirts announced with the project!

After the show, I ran off to meet up with my friend Cat and experience some theater – this time The Band’s Visit. Early that morning, I had scored some rush tickets for us, and though the price was wonderful, I eventually became pretty disappointed with our seats. A lot of the show is angled towards on side of the stage with little to no dialog – so I felt like I missed a big chunk of the show. Luckily, the incredible music and performances made it mostly a positive experience, and a great ending to my day!

The first day of TheCURVYCon was really special. But what would Saturday hold? Tune into the Saturday event report coming later this week! 


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