A Little Love Note to Fall Sweaters from LOFT

A couple of blog posts ago, I went into detail on how being a colorfully dressed individual in New York City can lead you down the oddest of paths in life. From rocking Lolita Fashion on the regular, to now being my more vintage with nerdy flairs self, its a stylish journey for sure. But with the chilly air and leaves falling to the ground, the shades of the city are calling for a different kind of palette, and one that unlike the rest of the year, I like to embrace.

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Yes, it is true, your girl gets her own version of spooky during the Fall season – and that means lots of feminine gothic touches mixed with the shades of my prior punk self returning to a wardrobe near you. Trust me, pastel colors and obnoxious prints haven’t gone away – but they just form into something different than what the spring and summer offered. Think Romantic elements – Belle hanging out a coffee shop in the village sort of vibe, but with swing skirts and romantic sweaters.

Part of achieving this look is shopping the new fall collection at one of my new favorite stores, LOFT. Seriously, ever since they debuted their plus size line at TheCURVYCon, I’ve become a devoted fangirl of this brand because it elevates my own personal style while not making me look too boring or conservative. Also, the quality of their garments is crazy good – even if the price is up there, they almost always have a sale, so I feel the prices are definitely worth what you get in return.

Two items I had my eye on from the moment that were released were these adorable sweaters. I’m always of the mindset that you can never have enough sweaters if you live in the Northeast – especially when you are in the insane weather conditions that can be New York City come Fall into Winter time. Sure, I collected some new comfy frocks that are pastels for such temperatures, but something about the funky neutral look of these really grabbed my attention.

Both a little punk, and a little elegant, I love capturing a rebellious rock’n roll vibe during the time of falling leaves and hot apple cider. Touches like leopard print, stripes, and mixed fabrics bring out those elements, without losing their purpose – keeping you warm, while also feeling stylish.


And that’s exactly what was put to the test a few nights ago, when I rocked this sweater on a whim during a night of spooky events with my friend. In my home area, there’s a ton of super cool Halloween related activities, specifically themed to Sleepy Hollow, and takes place within the actual town that inspired Washington Irving to write his famous haunting tale. This picture (which was taken late at night under the brightest of spotlights) took place right after we saw a one person retelling of the story inside the Old Dutch Church near Philipsburg Manor. Sooooo spooky~~~

But one thing I wasn’t afraid of though was the weather – this sweater seriously was a life saver. It was thick without feeling too hot, and didn’t make me feel like the kid in a Christmas Story who can walk in his winter coat. Unfortunately, my hands weren’t as comfy (they need their own sweater) but the hot apple cider in hand did help a bit (and sure was yummy!)


So, to end this tiny love note, thank you to LOFT for making the best sweaters I think I’ve ever bought. I feel like a million bucks in them, and they flatter my curves better than a lot of other garments I’ve bought in the past. And if you keep this up, you might become my own stop shop for plus size friendly fashion items for years to come.

So what are you rocking this Fall? Do you have a favorite sweater you wear all season? Comment below with your thoughts on those questions, and any other Fall related things on your mind! 

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