Eloquii NYC Holiday Pop-Up: A Shopping Experience for the Ages


When it comes to being a plus size fashionista in NYC, its hard to find beautiful, comfortable, and on-trend pieces that don’t feel like they’re made for “basic” individuals. Sure, there are the Lane Bryant locations, and a section at Macy’s Herald Square that has some decent (but mostly business, “corporate” focused) brands and selections – but none of them (in my opinion) can hold a candle to the quality and versatility of Eloquii.

Originally owned by The Limited Brand, Eloquii was one of those companies that arrived loud, confident, and full of sass onto the plus size fashion scene. With unique patterns, prints, and bold statement pieces, the brand is both one that wants to help you break from your comfort zone, while also making you embrace your body without shame.

Last week, the brand opened up a Soho pop-up store, and as soon as 7pm struck on Wednesday evening, I ran out of my office and onto the subway to experience this wonderland of style. Located on Wooster Street (once the home of the Betsey Johnson flagship #RIP), this rather large and incredibly well stocked venue shines like a twinkling star in the sea of black puffy jackets that is New York City.


When you enter the store, the glitter and style all around you is overwhelming (in the best way possible.) Matching the magic of their online retail experience, the New York pop up has adorable decor that reflects the brand perfectly. Positive sayings, smiling stunning models of various sizes and shades, and cute patches of color blocking show off what makes Eloquii one of the best (if not the best) brands in the plus size fashion game today.

Matching the brand’s inviting nature, the staff at the pop up are quite exceptional. All style experts and confidence boosters (especially for me, after a long work day) I loved having them give me advice on what would look best on me, the fit of the garments, and other important things you don’t get from other shopping experiences. And bonus: they gave me a free cupcake, and offered champagne (though I took a bottle of water instead, since you know I’m sticking to that #straightedge life.)


There were a ton of items offered – from the casual and comfy, to the glamorous and regal. Bits of the Jason Wu collection, and even newly released items grazed the racks of the store. Yet for this shopper, I came in with a few goals in mind: I wanted Draper James (Reese Witherspoon collab) stuff, and everything else I wished I could try on from the website. 

Luckily, the item I wanted the most from the Draper James Fall 2018 collection was there, in all its grey and navy glory. And once I grabbed a hold of all the jeans, dresses, tops and other items I wanted to try, it was time to grace my own personal catwalk.


Every time I came out of the dressing room in a new piece, the shop girls were all so encouraging. Often times public shopping can be a devaluing experience – stuck up sales associates give you 80’s movie glances, feeling judgement around every corner – but the staff at Eloquii more feels like your sisters. They all want the best for you, and are even willing to tell you when things don’t look as great as they could. Its about finding pieces that improve your confidence, instead of forcing you to buy something that doesn’t make you feel your best. And that’s what shopping should be. 

After I had tried on a multitude of garments, I finally picked out 10 or so pieces, and walked out of Eloquii feeling like the boss lady of my dreams. These are items that will last a long time – both in trend and in quality. They are made and designed with love and attention to detail, and we need more of that in the plus size fashion industry – and the retail world as a whole.


So, if you’re in the neighborhood, come down to 120 Wooster Street. There’s going to be a ton of wonderful events at the pop up throughout December, and with enough success, will hopefully lead to Eloquii having a 24/7 store in New York City. The plus size community needs this, and with your support it can happen!


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