Style Twins – The Power of Authentic Style (Collab w/ With Wonder and Whimsy)

In this piece, I got the chance to collaborate with the beautiful and talented Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy. We bonded over being similarly stylish pastel sisters, and wanted to come up with a fun way of showing off these beautiful pieces while also speaking about something that means a lot to us.

Look at how cute she is! I love the way she paired the rainbow cardigan (which I’m hella wanting) with the pearl jeans – fabulous! If you want more fabulous content, make sure to read Liz’s post!

In my style journey, I’ve often found myself going towards looking more and more like an Easter egg. Why? Well, such colors embody quite a bit of elements for me – they show off what visually brings a sparkle to my eye, invokes a bit of whimsy and nostalgia, and pays tribute to the feminine imagery from the past that continues to inspire me day after day.

I love pairing items that explode in color and personality. This time I paired a really comfy Eloquii sweater (much like the one Liz has) and a wonderful skirt from Society Plus. And of course, also rocking my signature comfy chucks.

So when I’m going through my closet – trying to pick the articles of fabric that I want to represent that fluttering feeling of confidence within me – bright colors and obnoxious prints tend to fit the bill. That goal of looking like I raided Miriam Maisel’s closet, along with being a living tribute to the wallpaper in the Golden Girls house, is one I strive to (and often) achieve everyday.

But much like in other pieces I’ve written, I’ve found myself continuing to defend my fashion choices. It is as if I’m walking up to the podium, with a hand over an issue of Vogue, proving that I did indeed have the lights turned on when I got dressed in the morning. Yet as time has gone on, the struggle more becomes not about the articles of clothing themselves, but the fact that I decided to put them together – on my 29 year old female body – in the first place.

There seems to still be this strange notion that if you’re over a certain age, anything colorful is automatically childish – and when you’re a woman, that’s triple dog so the case. Bright colors represent a sense of innocence – that you have yet to see the disgusting nature of humanity, and that you likely have nothing else going on inside your brain besides the leftover set from The Teletubbies. And though maybe that’s true for some, for me, that ain’t what my brain looks like.

In this outfit, (for which Liz has the same Anthropologie skirt) I wanted the capture the pure simplicity of Spring. I love wearing tops (like this one from Madewell) where you can tie in the front, and give that sort of vintage chill aspect. Pair that with chucks and a cute bag, and you got yourself a wonderful city romp outfit, along with a good one for dates.

In fact, if one were to crack open my noggin Inside Out style, they likely would find lands that aren’t full of gumdrops and unicorns. With almost 30 years of life in me, I’ve seen mixtures of incredible moments, to the most despicable of things that life has to offer. I’ve had to climb mountains to prove my worth in both my education and in social circles, and yet (regardless of the outfit I’m wearing) I’ve reached the top and shown I got this.

Just because I love showing off my collection of vintage Disneyland shirts does not mean I haven’t watched and obsess over an episode of Dateline. It shouldn’t surprise people that my favorite director is Guillermo Del Toro, just because I wear an assortment of skirts and tops with “cute” elements to them. And just because I love going to pink decorated places, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy stepping inside a metal rock concert.

So, my goal for this year is a big one: I am refusing to feel ashamed, and be shamed, for wearing colorful clothes at my age. The days of walking into a movie theater and having a staff member comment on my skirt, saying it reminded them of their 7-year-old daughter’s, is done. Those moments where a stranger asks what “all this” is about? Buh bye. And randos making comments that I’d look so much better in something more “mature” looking? Nope, sorry, this lady ain’t having it anymore.

In this final outfit, Liz and I wanted to style our Eloquii pearl jeans in our own funky way. For me, I decided to rock them with a feminine, but relaxing Madewell top that gives me all of the Disney princess vibes. These jeans are also perfect for a way to bring a feminine touch to a distressed and rebellious look, which is why they’re among my absolute favorite things in my wardrobe.

I’ve spent too much of my life feeling this pressure to be a certain way – skinny, conservative, presentable, blending into the crowd – you name it, I’ve tried to become it. But why should I put so much effort into being something that isn’t the most authentic version of me? We only live one life (as far as I’m aware), so stop wasting time trying to be something that will make other people comfortable, and instead on making yourself feel comfortable. That should, and will always be, my priority.

So in 2019, I’m sticking to being me. Sometimes that might be in black pants, other times in a lavender denim jacket, but no matter what shade of the rainbow, it is me. And that is the most beautiful, and timeless, shade of them all.

All photography by Victoria Saperstein Photography. Thanks to the team at Billy’s Bakery for letting us shoot inside, and trust me, there are more beautiful photos where that came from. And a big special thanks to Liz for collaborating on this awesome post!

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