Glowing at Home in 2020’s Corona-World

Glowing HeaderHowdy there, folks! It has been a bit quite a while since I posted on the Magic-Ala-Mode side of the internet. But that’s because, up until a few months ago, I was living life to the fullest. I was planning my birthday-related trip to Walt Disney World, getting everything at work as calm as possible, and doing the usual NYC commuting life.

But, as you all know, a certain virus changed everything routine. The trip has been rescheduled, work is now at home, and I haven’t gone into Manhattan longer than ever before. And with so much changing on a day-to-day basis, and in an attempt to not dive into a pool of sadness and CNN, I’m trying to use this time to get things done. The mission: I’m gonna “glow” like I wanted to – but at home.

What does that mean exactly? Well, if you’re someone that has spent 95% of your time huffing and puffing about not getting things like cleaning, reorganizing, and creating done (me), then that’s the new goal. Perhaps you’ll suck at making these things come true, or maybe you’ll only cross one thing off your list. But it is the attempt that matters in this instance.

So what is on my “glow” list? It is a mixture of all three of the things below, and maybe we can look back (like a New Years resolution list) to see if I accomplish any and all of these goals. Will they inspire you? Maybe not. But if they do in some way, then it’ll have made me feel like I’m doing something good in this truly crazy world.

Make My Room

A while back, I was in the midst of remaking my room into an ocean theme. But as time has gone on, and a different set of colors have made me happy, I’ve slowly decided I wanted to make my space into the colorful pastel ’80s meets ’50s and ’60s haven it always should have been. And considering that I won’t be going to any cute places for a long time, why not make my place the cutest it can be.


I’m starting off by decorating the walls and doors with different photos and various collage pieces that make it feel more me and more my colorful vibes. Next, I’m going to work on some of the furniture pieces and the bedding, as right now it is very blue. I’m sticking with the minty seafoam carpet as that could be fun to go with the pinks and greys, but I’ll keep you all posted as it comes along.



Dream Wardrobe

I’ve always had cute clothes. But a lot of the past decade has been me going in and out of styles – trying to figure out what speaks to me and makes me feel the most Dalin out of them all. And after a long time, I think I finally discovered the fashionable side of me that also isn’t reliant on graphic tees and converse as a sort of battle armor.

Does it mean I won’t wear those things? Not exactly, but rather I believe I’ve evolved (in a Pokémon sort of way) to my next stage – the slightly more mature (but still colorful) 30-year-old me.


What does that involve? Well, I’m trimming and adding to my wardrobe in fun ways. I’m getting rid of the trendy garbage that brings me only slight joy and sticking to the pieces that make me feel at my most comfortable in a collection of ways. I’m also finding myself focusing more on timeless jewelry pieces, especially those by Kendra Scott, which speaks to me on a spiritual level in terms of both quality and style.

The TL;DR is: I discovered that I’m obsessed with Aidy Bryant’s style in Shrill and Beanie Feldstein’s vibes in How to Build a Girl. More on that later…..


Being inside has forced me (and many others) to make the most out of the moment. Part of that for me involves getting my creative juices flowing – specifically writing more along with creating… my first ever podcast! What is it about? What magic does it contain? Those will be answered at a later date. All I can say is it’ll have nostalgia, whimsy, and all of those things you dig from yours truly on a typical bases.

As for the writing, I’m still working on film reviews and lists of various kinds. But I’m seriously trying to get a narrative kind of document out into the open. A book perhaps? We’ll see what comes out at the end of this creativity rainbow.


This is pretty self explanatory, but yes, I love to dance. Why? Well, as a child that grew up idolizing Michael and Janet Jackson, and dreaming of being as cool as Gene Kelly, dancing has always been this little pipe dream of mine to achieve. I did do ballet, hip-hop, and other forms of motion set to music for most of my childhood. But with the big 3-0 here, I wanted to get my physical exercise back up. And that’s where dancing comes into play.

And finally….


With social and other activities coming to a halt, and time standing more still, this quarantine is giving me a chance to really get in touch with aspects of myself I’ve ignored. And whether it be elements I’ve covered here, or others I have yet to discover, I want to take care of all of me. Head to toe. Inside and outside.

I want to watch the comfy garbage that makes me happy. I’m going to embrace the media that makes me feel proud of the woman I am. And most importantly, I’m going to allow myself to express every element going on inside my noggin and heart. And that (along with lots of face masks) is the kind of self-care I’ve needed for a long time.


So with that being said – how are you doing? Have you found anything to make this weird time go by a little less weirdly? Regardless, I hope that you’re staying safe and if you need a pastel buddy to listen to the not so great things, I’m here for ya.


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