“For Ed” – a Love Letter to a Nostalgic Crush and Hero


In the spirit of nostalgia coming back to TV (I’m looking at you, Twin Peaks) I felt it important to take my own stroll down memory lane and present a little love letter to a show (and specific character) that I hope makes a return at some point. 

I believe it is best to start off this paragraph like Sophia of The Golden Girls would…. Picture It, New York, 1997. My mom just dropped me off at my grandparents. There, they give me some yogurt, and flip on the TV. And much like midnight for Cinderella, the hour of 8am was quite a special one, because it meant Northern Exposure re-runs were on. The enchanting tune of the theme song played, the moose walked by Roslyn’s Cafe, and my mind was sucked into the misadventures of Joel (Rob Morrow) and his Alaskan buddies.

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Old Man Crush List – 2017 Edition


Back a few years ago on my older blog, I wrote a silly list that gave way to something I talk about quite often – “My Old Man Crush List”. What is such a list, you might ask? Well it is exactly what it sounds – if you have a crush on a silver fox of the big screen or any sort of celeb, he is part of your “Old Man Crush List”. Trust me, there can be ones for ladies as well, but for me I tend to think the gentlemen one is a bit more fun to make. So without further ado, here is an update to my original top 10 breakdown of hotties of a certain age. Have things changed? Let’s take a look! Read more